Fall Instructional Ball


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Northeast Seattle Schedule



Wed (5p-7p)                                                   Sat (9a-11a)                     

9/2       @ Magnuson       

9/9       @ Magnuson                                      9/12       @ Magnuson                                                  

9/16     @ Magnuson                                      9/19       @ Magnuson                                                                 

9/23     @ Maple Leaf                                     9/26       TBD                                  

9/30     @ Maple Leaf                                    10/4        @ Magnuson                                                  

10/7     @ Maple Leaf 


Magnuson - ‘The Mick’  (Turf Field #9)

6800 Sports Field Rd NE, Seattle, WA

MAP (note - the map location is west of the field; the field is located on ‘Sports Field Rd’):


Maple Leaf

1020 NE 82nd St, Seattle, WA 98115




Queen Anne-Magnolia Schedule


Thurs (5p-7p)                                                Sun (10:30-12:30)                        

Sept 3     @ Queen Anne #3

Sept 10   @ Queen Anne #3                         9/13 @ Lawton Elem

Sept 17 @ Queen Anne #3                         9/20 @ Lawton Elem                                                  

Sept 24   @ Queen Anne #3                         9/27 @ Lawton Elem                                                    

Oct 1       @ Queen Anne #3                         10/4 @ Lawton Elem                                                   

Oct 8       @ Queen Anne #3                     


Queen Anne #3

250 W Blaine St, Seattle, WA 98119



Lawton Elementary

4000 27th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98199




Bellevue Schedule


Wed (5:30pm-7:30pm)                (Sunday 4:30pm-6:30pm)

9/2 @ Robinswood
9/9 @ Robinswood........................9/13 @ Newport HS, Varsity SB Field

9/16 @ Robinswood......................9/20 @ Newport HS, Varsity SB Field

9/23 @ Robinswood......................9/27 @ Newport HS, Varsity SB Field

9/30 @ Robinswood......................10/4 @ Newport HS, Varsity SB Field

10/7 @ Robinswood


Robinswood Park
2430 148th Ave SE, Bellevue

Newport High School, Varsity Softball Field
4333 Factoria Blvd SE Bellevue, WA 98006

The NHS softball field is located at the South end of the campus, on Coal Creek Parkway, between Factoria Blvd and 124th Ave SE.



Program Description

Twenty hours of in-depth instruction for players and coaches. Players receive step-by-step and comprehensive instruction of the batting swing as well as the mental approach to hitting live pitches.

Coordinated team defensive play, fielding and base running are presented and taught in a building block progression over the course of the five week program.

Pitching fundamentals are also taught (though the players do not pitch in the scrimmage aspect)

Coaches/Parents are encouraged to participate on the field along with the kids. The program is designed to develop coaches skills as well. Coaches run drills and work with players during the scrimmages.

The Baseball Positive staff trains the coaches to run drills using a simple, concise and logical approach to teaching. Coaches also learn a strategic approach to providing feedback and instruction during scrimmages. The result is a clear understanding of how to use a scrimmage as a highly effective learning activity for their practices in the spring of 2016.

The first hour of each session is drills and teaching; second hour is scrimmage. As the program progresses, the scrimmage time increases.

The program leader pitches in the scrimmage; pitches are thrown from 30’ off a knee. The objective is for most every pitch to be put into play resulting in constant action and massive game reps with all kids participating and learning at all times.

Coaches are spread around the field providing instruction following each play in the scrimmage. Instruction focus points are laid out by Baseball Positive. Kids are exposed to a full season of instructional content.

Benefits of Coach Participation:
---> Receive a preview of each session including diagrams and descriptions of drills. Coaches participate in running drills, under the direction of the Baseball Positive program leader. Following each session coaches receive a written synopsis of the workout.

---> During the scrimmages, coaches are on the field teaching the game based on points taught in the drills, under the direction of the Baseball Positive program leader. The teaching points in the scrimmage progress in a building block approach over the course of the fall.

---> At the conclusion of the Fall, each coach receives a comprehensive manual of all content covered in the program. The manual, the hands-on experience and the Baseball Positive website gives coaches most of what they need for running or assisting a team in 2016.






REGISTER       $160