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Table of Contents 

1. Pitching

2. Batting

         002.001 --->   Batting Practice - A-12 Player Drill   ---   Part 1

          002.002 --->   Batting Practice - A-12 Player Drill   ---   Part 2

          002.003 --->   Batting Practice - A-12 Player Drill   ---   Part 3

3. Infield

         003.001  --->   Receiving a Throw at a Base - tag play

         003.002 --->   20' Ground Balls

          003.003 --->   Underhand Toss

4. Outfield

5. Team Drills (includes Playing Catch Practice)

           005.001 --->   Delivering Balls in Drills

6. Base Running

7. Catchers

8. Batting Practice

9. Scrimmage

10. Practice Plans

11. Game Day

12. Coaching Insights




003.001     Receiving a Throw at a Base - tag play

Youtube Title: “Baseball Softball Fielding - Third Basemen - Receiving a Throw at a Base - Tag Play”

DESCRIPTION: Infielders covering a base properly and effectively in a Tag Situation

Youtube PLAY LIST: “Infield Drills”


003.002     20’ Ground Balls

Youtube Title “Youth Baseball Softball - Fielding Drills - 20' Ground Balls Drill - Fielding Footwork”

DESCRIPTION: Ground ball fielding technique; drill trains proper footwork and timing.  This is the ‘foundational’ drill that supports all other infield drills.

Youtube PLAY LIST: “Infield Drills”


003.003     Underhand Toss

Youtube Title: “Youth Baseball Softball - Fielding Drills - Underhand Toss Drill - Infielders”

DESCRIPTION: The best technique for short distance throws in baseball and softball; all youth baseball and softball players MUST master this skill, they will use it many times every game and throughout each practice. 

Youtube PLAY LIST: “Infield Drills”


Team Drills 

005.001     Delivering Balls in Drills

Youtube Title: “Ground Ball & Fly Ball Drills,   ---Delivering Balls Effectively in Drills,    ---Youth Baseball and Softball”

DESCRIPTION: Delivering ground balls and fly balls accurately on a consistent basis is a make or break factor in the success of a practice.   Learn the one key to improving the effectiveness of ground ball and fly ball drills.   Video will re-set  your perspective on how a youth baseball or softball practice is run.

Youtube PLAY LIST: “Team Drills”