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Baseball Knowledge and Skills Development Fall Ball with Baseball Positive
for Players & Coaches/Parents
Eligibility: Playing Age 8-11 During the 2016 Season
Limited to 20 Players - Don’t Miss This Program, Sign up Today!
Program: Five Weeks; Two, 2-hour sessions per week - 20 hours of learning


Northeast Seattle     -     Location: Magnuson Field #10     -     Tues, 530-730pm & Sun, 230-430pm     -     Sept 6 - Oct 11
Kids Participate:  $175             Register:



Hello Coaches,
Baseball Positive’s Baseball Knowledge and Skills Development Program, now in its 9th year is a unique program that is designed to develop coaching knowledge and skills while giving the participating kids in-depth instruction on ‘How to Play The Game’ as well as fundamental skills. The program is structured much like the Instructional League that Major League Baseball organizations run for their top minor league prospects each fall.

Thank you for the great experience my son and I had during Baseball Positive’s Mill Creek Fall Ball program.

My son had a great time each day and gained a tremendous amount of confidence. I have worked in athletics

                           and recreation for over 12 years and this was the most comprehensive coaching I have ever seen.
                                                                                   - Courtney Brown, City of Shoreline Recreation Supervisor, Parent, MCLL Coach


Players and participating adults get a full seasons worth of instruction in the five-week program (all parents and coaches are encouraged to be part of the program and learn with the kids on the field):
             -   Comprehensive Batting
             -   Coordinated Team Defensive Play
             -   Pitching, Fielding & Base Running Skills


Doesn’t fit your child’s schedule? …you can still participate at no cost, get the hands-on experience and all the information in the Coaching Manual that all participating adults receive. A major part of the Baseball Positive Mission is to improve the playing experience for kids by contributing to the knowledge and teaching skills of the coaches and adults who work with their teams.


Players Experience

The kids are trained in what generally does not get enough attention in their spring practices and other programs - they learn ‘How The Game is Played’.   

They come to recognize that all nine players have a role to fulfilL, in properly coordinated team defense, the moment the ball Is put into play - Every Play.  

They learn that ‘Baseball is a Game of Movement’ and that they have to move quickly on each play to fulfill their responsibility.  

Program content progresses through a building block process to include relays, run downs, fly ball communication and other defensive aspects of team play that prepare the kids for their advance to the next level of league play.



More than half of ‘Baseball Knowledge and Skills Development Fall Ball’ is SCRIMMAGE  

Half a dozen adults/coaches are on the field who, following the lead of Baseball Positive, provide feedback to the players after each play.  …The kids learn through their PLAY!  In the scrimmage, Baseball Positive’s instructor does all the pitching, from a short distance, serving up easy to hit pitches.  The objective is that most every pitch is put into play keeping All players active, engaged and learning throughout each session.



Comprehensive Instruction

In addition to mastery of coordinated team play, the kids learn the entire batting swing following Baseball Positive’s proven effective step-by-step approach.  (Participating adults learn ‘How To Teach The Swing’ …which is not complex, but actually quite elementary.)

After the kids learn proper throwing technique during the first half of the fall, we incorporate pitching instruction into the program.  Fielding, baserunning and on-field communication are taught. 

Mental tips, to help the kids understand the ups and downs involved in developing baseball skills, are also provided throughout the program.



Coaches & Parents Experience

In addition to the kids increasing their knowledge and skills, the program is designed to help Coaches and Parents develop their knowledge and skills in:

               - Practice Planning

               - Drill Design and Execution

               - Teaching Batting, Pitching & Fielding Skills

               - Effective, Age Appropriate Approach to Teaching


Parents and coaches are encouraged to participate on the field with the kids to learn drills and teaching techniques under the guidance of Baseball Positive’s instructor.  Adults who participate learn a simple system for teaching the How The Game Is Played, while the experience of being on the field with the kids is fun and fulfilling. 

The program gives coaches just about everything needed to train a team in the 2017 season.  Great for Head Coaches and Assistants; also good for Parents wanting to learn simple activities for work with their child away from their team practices. 

Workout plans are provided to prior to each session.  Following each session, follow-up info is provided covering what was learned and the areas where we struggled and need more work.  Plans include drill diagrams with objectives and simple teaching phrases/key words for clear communication and understanding.  Video is also included for clear understanding of what is being taught.



At the conclusion of the Fall, all content from the program is organized

into an easy to use Coaching Manual that each participating adult receives.