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Efficient Transitions During Practice

…it starts with discipline in drills


NOTE TO PARENTS:  Any effective youth baseball or softball practice involves parents who help the coaching staff on the field during practice.  The info below will help a parent be a more effective helper.  The result is that your child will get more out of each practice and ultimately get more out of their overall experience.

A big time eater during practices is the transition between activities.  Maximizing efficiency in transitions starts with how we run drills.

Each drill needs to have a clear objective and clear points the kids are working on.  'Clear' means the kids recognize what specific actions, within the context of the drill, they are expected to execute exactly as instructed.

With the objective and focus points of a drill clear to the kids we next need to make sure the kids stick to the objective and focus points.

This means if they don't execute a focus point of a drill properly we stop the drill and start over making it clear to the player(s) that we are not going to allow the kids to 'go through the motions', but that the clear expectations we laid out prior to the drill will be enforced.

As our kids develop the discipline of executing the key points of their drills properly, and recognize we are watching and enforcing, when it comes time for a transition to a new activity, the discipline established in the drill will carry over to the transition... [Read More - COACHES]





Yu Darvish Throws 5 Pitches at the Same Time!

…actually he delivers 5 different pitches the same way

This video, which is actually five videos layered on top of each other, is of Yu Darvish, Texas Rangers starting pitcher, pitching to Albert Pujols of the Los Angeles Angels. 

In each of the videos he is throwing a different pitch.  Given the fact that the videos are layered on top of each other, initially it looks like an everyday video of a pitcher throwing to a batter.  That is until he gets to his Release Point.

The point of watching this is to see that regardless of which type of pitch he throws the actions and pace of his delivery are identical; as is his release point. This is important for any coach  [Read More]





Pitching Mastery

…it’s all in your head

A ‘great’ youth coach (or a parent who can effectively give tips to their child) is one who implements simple drills and activities in their practices and workouts and runs those activities with:

-          A clearly defined objective

-          Maintain discipline so the objective is fulfilled each time

-          Create an environment where the kids get massive quality repetitions in a short period of time


Let’s take pitching as an example.  Go in the internet, find a book, go to a pro instructor, etc. and you can find dozens of fine points about the baseball or softball pitching delivery

But let’s set those things aside and talk about something anyone can teach, is simple for a player to focus on and execute and can have immediate and highly impactful results in improving the pitching skill: [Read More - COACHES]





You Swing the Bat With Your Legs

...awareness is the first step in learning

This is a follow up to the last post which addressed how much the legs are used in the batting swing. 

 Video of Swings from Game 2 of the 2014 World Series:

               0:31       0:40       0:49       0:59       1:55       2:14       2:42       3:23

The time marks are for eight swings shown in the highlights.  Ideally, pause the video before each swing and scroll the screen up so that the batters are only shown from the belly button down, then play the swing.  This will eliminate the bat and arms taking your attention from the swing.  This will be particularly helpful for your child to focus entirely on the Legs. 

This experience will help you and them to gain an acute awareness of how much the Legs contribute to the swing.  For most kids the fact that the Legs contribute (significantly) to the swing is entirely foreign.  Establishing an awareness of the Legs now will help them as they develop their batting skills.