Sandlot Games Camps 2019

June 24 - Aug 15                   

Additional Camps to be added soon:

  • Bellevue @ Lewis Creek Park

  • Sammamish @ Beaver Lake Ballfields

  • Seattle @ Rainier Playfield

  • Seattle @ Dahl Field

  • Seattle @ Laurelhurst Park

Give your child an opportunity to have fun PLAYING baseball at camp this summer!  This Sandlot Camp focuses the majority of its time on PLAYING GAMES.

Woven into the Games format is teaching the batting swing, throwing, catching, fielding and base running skills.  All instructors are expertly trained members of the Baseball Positive coaching staff.

This camp gives kids the training left out of traditional camps.  Players are taught ‘How to Play the Game’ in addition to the fundamental skills of the game.   

.........The kids learn through their PLAY!


...below the schedule; read what other parents say about their kids' experience at the Sandlot Games Camp


Three age groups per camp
Ages   6 - 7   -   $147    Limited to 12 Players
Ages   8 - 9   -   $187    Limited to 18 Players
Ages  10-12   -   $187    Limited to 18 Players

AM Camps run from 9am-12pm;   ages 6-7, 9:45am - 11:45am

PM Camps run from 1:30pm - 4:30pm;   ages 6-7, 2:15pm - 4:15pm


Want to learn more about the camp, or have questions?  Call me (Mark) 206 714 5276 or email.


July 15-18 PM             Redmond          @ Redmond Ridge Park                  REGISTER 

July 22-25 AM              N. Seattle              @ Lower Woodland Park                  REGISTER 

Jul 29 - Aug 1 AM         Magnolia @ Magnolia Playfield                        REGISTER

Aug 5-8 AM             Edmonds          @ Lyndale Park                  REGISTER 

Aug 12-15, AM             West Seattle           @ Pee Wee Fields                              REGISTER 





Cancellation Policy:

Refunds are provided, less a $25 admin fee.

Cancellations less than two weeks prior to the start of camp result in a credit towards future Baseball Positive Programs

  1. A winter pitching or batting program organized by Baseball Positive (as opposed to a League Organized program that BP leads)

  2. Summer Camp the following year


In the case where a camper needs to cancel, we encourage the transfer of the camp slot to a friend, teammate or neighbor.  Most of the kids attending camp are from your league/neighborhood.  Chances are you can find someone who'd like to take your child's spot.  



I have worked in athletics and recreation for over 12 years and this was the most comprehensive coaching I have ever seen
- Courtney, City of Seattle Recreation Supervisor, Parent, Coach

What my son really loves about the Baseball Positive camp experience is the pace of play.  Coaches keep the kids active with tried-and-true drills that improve core skills - in a fun environment.  His favorite camp of the year.            
- Mike, parent

My son got more individual instruction and takeaways from Baseball Positive than he did at some of the more "glitzy" camps he has attended.  When asked if he wanted to attend Baseball Positive camp again this summer, it was a without hesitation, YES!
   - **Geoff, Coach/Parent**


My son had a blast at baseball camp.  The Baseball Positive team teaches baseball skills geared towards the age of each player and their level of development.  This approach makes learning the game fun but is also very effective for younger players.  Nine months later my son still uses terminology taught at baseball camp and applies the concepts he learned every time he steps on the field.
- David C. (Board Member and Coach)   


My son has attended multiple Baseball Positive Camps over the years.  Following each camp, he can’t wait to get involved with the next one, primarily because the camps are so much fun! The Baseball Positive staff is always encouraging players, teaching them how to play the game better and helping them to get to know the other kids really well.  - Akiko Y., parent



What my son really loves about the Baseball Positive camp experience is the pace of play.  Coaches keep the kids active with tried-and-true drills that improve core skills - in a fun environment.  His favorite camp of the year. - Mike F., parent