A Great Part of the Sports Experience ...the interesting things you see during your travels

Garfield HS Quincy Jones.jpg

Yesterday I put on a pitching clinic for a local league at Garfield High School near downtown Seattle.   It had been years since I'd visited Garfield.

Pulling into the parking lot I found a world famous name in front of me: 'Quincy Jones Performance Center'.

It was a pleasant surprise to see that this 79-time Grammy Award Winner and music industry icon, who who worked with Michael Jackson, among other legends, had helped out his Alma Mater by building this venue on its campus.

Jones' family wasn't all about music.  His father, who moved the family to Seattle following WWII when Quincy was 12, had been a semi-pro baseball player in Kentucky.

Another musical legend also attended Garfield HS; Jimi Hendrix.

it was a great day working with all the kids, parents and coaches of Seattle PONY baseball; and walking the same grounds as two of the most famous people in the history of American music.

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