COACHES: ITS NOT WHAT WE KNOW's what they understand

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How is your spring going for you and the team you are coaching? If the flow of practices and the pace of the kids picking up what you are teaching is a bit less than you had anticipated or hoped, I want to share one thought with you that may be helpful in your mindset in coaching the kids…


Volunteer youth baseball and softball coaches go into their task with a level of knowledge and experience across the spectrum from those who have played and/or coached at the HS, College, or Pro level to those who never played and may not have a deep understanding of the game.
Not having a high level of experience or knowledge is not necessarily a negative, while having a tremendous amount of knowledge or experience is not necessarily a benefit.

Those with little background can find it easier to follow the lead of knowledge source – such as ;) …while those with a significant background in the game sometimes struggle with bringing that information down to a level of communication that the kids can consume, digest and convert to their play on the field.
The objective of the Baseball Positive website is to assist coaches at both ends of the spectrum, and all those in between, by providing a consistent teaching ‘language’ that is clear and consumable by the kids.

Throughout the pages of the BP website we utilize the same Teaching Phrases and Words that have a specific meaning, making it easier for kids to Understand what they are being taught.

Examples of Teaching Phrases:

“Move Your Feet”
“Ball First, Base Second”
“Turn Fast”

All the best for a great spring helping the kids learn and grow their love of the game!
Mark Linden - Director, Baseball Positive -